Adam Sandler told how he got into a bloody 'fight' in bed with the sheets

Adam Sandler got into a bloody 'fight' with... the SHEETS
A mishap happened because of a tightly made bed.

Adam Sandler told how he once had a ridiculous accident in his own bed. It left a small scar next to his eye. It turns out that he lost in a fight with... sheets.

The 55-year-old actor recalled that one day he climbed into his bed and the sheets were too tightly tucked in. He tried to adjust them with his foot, but his foot came off and the phone, which was on his lap, jumped up and hit him in the face.

The skin under Adam's eye burst, but the actor didn't notice and went to bed. The next morning he found the bed covered in blood, and his face was scarred in memory of the ridiculous fight with the sheets, TooFab wrote.

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