Angry Russian celebrities cut up Chanel handbags as brand refuses to sell them

VIDEO: Angry Russian celebrities cut up Chanel handbags

Several Russian celebrities and influencers were outraged that Chanel refused to sell them handbags. The brand follows European sanctions that prohibit the sale of luxury items (things and accessories over $300) to Russians.

Chanel can sell his bags to a Russian buyer, but only on the condition that he or she does not bring it to Russia. This is what caused a wave of protests among Russian celebrities.

"Not a single thing and not a single brand is worth my love for the Motherland. I don't need such a Chanel!" said the actress Marina Ermoshkina.

Following her, other girls joined the action, including Victoria Bonya, who permanently lives in Monaco. However, a few hours ago, Ermoshkina published a new post in which she admitted that she cut only one Chanel bag. She plans to sell the rest of the brand's items and accessories.

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