CBS plans to experiment with 'The Late Late Show' after James Corden leaves

CBS may reinvent 'The Late Late Show' after James Corden leaves
The British host will leave the show next summer.

CBS is going to experiment with a nightly slot at 00:30 once James Corden leaves The Late Late Show. The TV host has been on the show for seven years, but will leave next summer.

CBS CEO George Cheeks said he will do everything he can to freshen up the slot. Perhaps they will completely reinvent the night show, or the host will be much different, DeadLine informs.

"We're going to really enjoy his final year, I think we're going to take some time to think about that day part and what kind of format could make sense there. But again, we would have loved him wanting to stay for 10 more years, but he really decided it was time to make a move," Cheeks said.

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