Chloe Meadows candidly revealed why she decided to get a breast reduction

Chloe Meadows talks about her breast reduction
The TOWIE star admitted that all the women in her family had big breasts.

Chloe Meadows spoke candidly about her breast reduction. In a new interview, she confessed that she decided to have surgery in 2019 to get a more natural and neat look.

The TOWIE star added that it was a painful procedure, but she still liked the results, so she will do it again.

"It was a hard recovery but I would do it again and again to be able to wear what I want. My mum went to docs recently and they said to her - you need to have a reduction. I am glad I have done it now rather than my mums age. They want her to get it done. They're so large they are dangerous basically," she told the Daily Mail.

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