Colby Covington stated that he suffered a broken tooth and 'brain injury' in Jorge Masvidal attack

Colby Covington stated that he got 'brain injury' in Jorge Masvidal attack
The judge issued the assailant a restraining order.

The court banned MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal from approaching Colby Covington closer than seven and a half meters, and closer than 152 meters to his house. The judge made this decision after Covington announced the damage received in Jorge Masvidal attack.

Previously, UFC welterweight title contender Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington were not only rivals, but also friends. Covington claims he suffered a "brain injury" after the Masvidal attack in March, TMZ informs.

In addition, in this fight, Colby lost a tooth. While the court has only issued a restraining order, the next hearing will take place on May 12.

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