Dave Myers gave his first interview since starting chemo and showed off his bald head

Dave Myers shows off his bald head after chemo
Hairy Bikers star is temporarily Hairless Biker.

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers has temporarily become the Hairless Biker. He gave his first interview since starting chemotherapy and revealed that he has already lost his hair. The 63-year-old chef had previously talked about it, but didn't think he would go bald so soon.

Dave admitted to his fans that he has already come to terms with his baldness, The Sun informs. He said his wife now compares him to Stanley Tucci, "who's been sleeping behind the library for a month."

"Thank you to everyone who sent me a goodwill message. I appreciate the good thoughts. I'll get there. As you can see, I've accepted baldness."

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