'That dreadful silence': Jessie J first spoke about the miscarriage of a long-awaited child

Jessie J first spoke about the miscarriage
The fetal heart stopped beating after the scan.

Jessie J has been open about her miscarriage for the first time. Her child died in November, and she understood that she was not feeling well, so she decided to do an ultrasound. The first scan showed that the child's heart beats very weakly, writes Metro.

In November, the doctor gave her an ultrasound and said that the baby's heart was beating quietly, so he could either die or be born with a disability. After that, she decided to have another scan by another doctor.

“That dreadful silence when you first get scanned and I'm like, just tell me the truth about what's going on. [The second doctor] did another scan and said, 'I'm sorry there's no heartbeat,'" she said with tears in her eyes.

As a result, the child of the 34-year-old singer died between two scans.

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