Dua Lipa, Robert Pattinson, Orlando Bloom: celebrities at the Oscars 2022 pre-party

Where Dua Lipa, Robert Pattinson and Orlando Bloom had fun on the eve of the Award?
Celebrities could be met at Sunset Tower's Terrace Bar.

The star party took place at Sunset Tower's Terrace Bar on the eve of The Academy Awards 2022.

Dua Lipa was the first to be noticed in the bar. She was with Katy Perry's go-to stylist Johnny Wujek and hit songwriter Sarah Hudson. Later 35-year-old Robert Pattinson was spotted with 30-year-old girlfriend Suki Waterhouse and friends. The company enjoyed their lunch.

Orlando Bloom spent time with Himesh Patel before the award ceremony. “Euphoria” executive producer Kevin Turen was also spotted there, PageSix writes.

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