Dying Deborah James has already raised £4 million to fight cancer

Deborah James hit £4 million to fight cancer
The actress could not be cured of colon cancer.

Deborah James has already raised £4 million for cancer research. The 40-year-old actress revealed a few days ago that she had stopped being treated for bowel cancer because the treatment had not yielded positive results.

She then launched a campaign to raise awareness of the disease, planning to raise £250,000 for Cancer Research UK. At this point, however, the amount had already exceeded her expectations 16-fold. More than 220,000 people, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have sent their donations, the Mirror says.

James admits that doctors don't know how long she has left to live, but she will do her best to fight the cancer.

"It's surpassed all expectations. I'd love to get it to £5million by the end of the weekend," the actress said.

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