Heidi Klum and Ariana Grande have a simple secret for sleeping in the heat

Naked Ariana Grande and Heidi Klum revealed their hot secret
Intense heatwave becomes a cnallenge for many, especially when you have to sleep and sweat.

The Voice coach Ariana Grande and America's Got Talent star Heidi Klum both have a special trick for sleeping when it's hot.

Both resourceful stars have revealed they sleep naked – which is a clever way to drift off into the land of nod. Heidi has shared photos of herself naked in bed, while Ariana said her beloved grandmother inspired her nude sleeping.

"I sleep in very minimal clothing," Ariana comments. "My grandmother encourages nude sleeping."

Sleep expert says, according to HELLO!. that “sleeping without clothes is the fastest and easiest way of regulating your body temperature.”

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