Helen Skelton suspects her husband cheated on her with the girl he is now dating

Helen Skelton is sure her husband cheated on her
Her ex Richie Myler claims there was no crossover.

Just days after Helen Skelton's eight-year marriage broke up, her ex-husband Richie Myler found a new girlfriend. The Countryfile star is absolutely devastated by the news, sources claim.

Helen believes that Richie may have found a new girlfriend before he even decided to break up with her. Close friends of the 38-year-old TV host say it's confusing for Skelton.

Ritchie insists there was no "crossover," which means he didn't betray his ex-wife, Closer informs. However, Helen believes that the affair with the new girl was the real reason for the breakup of her marriage, which Ritchie is ashamed to admit.

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