‘Hi weirdos!’: Kim Kardashian snaps back her sons as they become naughty during live session

Kim Kardashian’s patience is RUN OUT while her sons interrupting live session
The celebrity tried to calm down her kids in front of her multimillion audience.

Kim Kardashian lost her patience as her sons Saint, six, and Psalm, three, interrupted her live session in social media. The celebrity asked her kids to say hello and they became naughty.

‘Hi weirdos!’ Saint said. Kim Kardashian snapped back, ‘Hey, stop it!’ The celebrity added they wouldn't get to see a toy store. The boys cried out that they wanted Pokémon.

‘You don't even know what Pokémon are, Psalm, do you?’ Kim asked. In the end she got their kisses and stopped live session, Daily Mail reported.

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