Home at last: Wisconsin dog reunites with family after missing 5 years ago

'Ginger is back:' the dog that missed 5 years ago reunites with the family
Ginger the dog was found in 13 miles from her home.

Ginger disappeared in 2017, leaving her owner Barney Lattimore totally frustrated. 5 years later the authorities rescued a dog 13 miles from Ginger’s home. They posted the picture and description of the canine in socail media.

Lattimore, from Janesville, Wisconsin, looked everywhere for his missing pup, refusing to believe that Ginger was gone for good. Every time he saw a dog that slightly resembled Ginger, he'd check if it was her, but it never was.

The authorities had transported the stray to the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin (HSSW) to be cared.

"When he arrived, staff led Barney to the back of the shelter to make sure it was her. As soon as they saw each other, there was no doubt. The excitement on the family's faces, as well as Ginger's, when they were finally reunited was beyond memorable," HSSW shared about the reunion,

"Ginger is back with her true family and now has the opportunity to meet her new 'pack' members and make up for lost time!" the shelter added, according to PEOPLE.

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