'I had no idea who she was in person:' George Miller was surprised by c's talent

'She was incredibly impressive to meet': George Miller adores George Miller
The actor and director have an incredible experience working together.

George Miller, 77, says Tilda Swinton, 61, surprised him with her real identity separated from her onscreen film roles.

He said about his first encounter with the actress, who is known for fully transforming herself with each acting role she takes on.

"Because she's so different in any role from the movies, I had no idea who she was in person. But she was incredibly impressive to meet.

"And the moment I met her that day, I thought, 'Oh God, it'd be great if she could play [this role we have for her].' So we went to her," he opened up to PEOPLE during attending the Three Thousand Years of Longing afterparty at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

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