'It really grossed me out:' Faith Hill shares painful memory of filming '1883'

Unshaved armpits 'was really difficult' for Faith Hill working on '1883'

Faith Hill admitted that working on 1883 was not easy for her, as the film required authenticity, in particular, the actress needed to grow hair under her arms.

"That was really difficult," she said. "Taylor [Sheridan, the show creator] actually called my husband.

"We were at a wedding, our nephew’s wedding, and he said, 'Who's gonna be the one to tell your wife that she has to stop shaving under her arms?' And I'm thinking can this wait? He goes, 'No, stop tonight'."

"It really grossed me out, I have to say. All due respect to those who love that, and, and all that freedom, woo! But for me personally," HELLO! reports her words.

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