‘It’s almost inhuman:’ Jennifer Grey tells about Johnny Depp’s beauty

Jennifer Grey says Johnny Depp was ‘so beautiful it was inhuman’
Jennifer Grey and Johnny Depp were engaged for nine months in the 1980s.

Johnny Depp’s ex from 80’s Jennifer Grey told he was more than easy on the eyes back then.

Dirty Dancing star shares that there was a month in 1988 when she was engaged both to Depp and Matthew Broderick at different times. She met Depp through her agent after she and Broderick broke off.

“You have to understand, Johnny Depp, 1989 Johnny Depp, so beautiful, you’ve never seen a more beautiful … it’s almost inhuman,” Grey told, according to Page Six.

“It was really a sign that there was trouble afoot on my part,” Grey told about being engaged to two men in the same month. “I just thought it was God rescuing mefrom one bad situation and just lovingly plopping me into a Johnny Depp souffle.”

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