Jamie Dornan opens up about his most vulnerable moments while filming 'The Tourist'

'I’ve felt lost or afraid:' Jamie Dornan shares his work on 'The Tourist'
This is limited six-part series firstly shown on BBC before dropping on HBO Max.

Jamie Dornan says it was one of the hardest roles he had performed, but The Tourist was worth it.

Dornan plays The Man who wakes up in the hospital after an accident with no memory of his past life, which was a messy one.

“I think the way it plays with tones, often so abruptly swinging from drama to comedy,” Dornan notes about what sets the series apart — and about what kept him interested. “Just when you think you have a handle on what’s going on, you’re proven wrong.”

“I’ve never had to approach a character before who doesn’t know who he is, so it was almost like a total opposite process for me of not allowing yourself a backstory and accepting every single discovery he has as something new,” says Dornan to Variety. “I often tried to consider myself in my most vulnerable moments, where I’ve felt lost or afraid and draw on those.”

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