Johnny Depp laughed when his bodyguard was asked about the actor's penis

Johnny Depp laughed when his bodyguard talked about the actor's penis
Malcolm Connolly said he "would remember seeing Mr Depp's penis."

During another interrogation of a witness at the trial of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard, the courtroom exploded with laughter after the answer of the bodyguard of actor Malcolm Connolly.

The court tried to clarify whether he saw Depp urinate in the lobby of the house where Johnny lived in Australia. Connolly was asked if he heard any noise in the house. The bodyguard replied that he "heard something." He was then asked if he had seen Depp urinate in the lobby, and also if Depp had "penis out".

"I think I would remember seeing Mr Depp's penis," he replied.

At this point, Johnny covered his face with his hands and began to laugh along with the entire courtroom.

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