Johnny Depp's friend told about his plans after defeating Amber Heard

'Just wants his career back': Johnny Depp's friend revealed the actor's plans after defeating Amber
The Pirates of the Caribbean star doesn't even want to return to the topic of the trial.

Johnny Depp's friend told about the actor's plans after winning the trial over Amber Heard. He admitted that The Pirates of the Caribbean star is glad that the trial is over, and he is not gloating about the victory.

"He isn't even talking about the trial now. He filed the lawsuit, because he considered it necessary. He has moved on though. He is now able to get back to what he loves doing. He enjoys performing and has a busy summer ahead. He is also looking forward to continue working. He just wants his career back. He loves filming," the source said.

The source added that the trial was necessary, and Depp is happy that everything is behind him, according to PEOPLE.

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