Johnny Knoxville divorces Naomi Nelson over "irreconcilable differences"

Johnny Knoxville divorces Naomi Nelson after 12 years of marriage

"Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville has filed for divorce from his second wife Naomi Nelson. The couple had been married for nearly 12 years, and the reason for the divorce was "irreconcilable differences."

Johnny, 51, says he and Naomi stopped being a couple back in September 2021. They dated for several years, and in 2009 it became known that Nelson was expecting a child. They were very much looking forward to their son and were happy to have him, and they got married in 2010, Page Six writes.

Knoxville (real name Philip John Clapp) will seek joint legal and physical custody of the children, including a daughter from his first marriage.

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