Kate Bush will make £1m on her 37-year-old hit because it appeared in 'Stranger Things'

Kate Bush will make £1m on her 37-year-old hit after 'Stranger Things'
The song Running Up That Hill was released back in 1985.

Kate Bush has suddenly struck it rich - her 1985 song Running Up That Hill appeared on TV series Stranger Things and is making her £250,000 a week. The track has reached the top of the charts on Spotify and gets 1 million listens every day.

Insiders reported that the song is now bringing in a quarter of a million a week, and the track isn't going out of rotation. By the looks of it, she could easily raise a million on it.

"She owns all of the publishing and licensing rights, and she wrote it - so nearly all the cash is going to her. Given the traction of the song, Kate will easily be pulling in £250,000 a week and, if it keeps on the way it is, she'll be laughing all the way to the bank," sources told The Sun.

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