Katie Price started making money from her nudes, a photo of her butt is worth just £6

Katie Price started selling her nudes, snap of her butt is worth just £6
Last year, bankruptcy proceedings began against her.

Katie Price has been haunted by setbacks and numerous lawsuits in recent years. Alas, last year bankruptcy proceedings began against her and now she appears to be facing a financial crisis.

However, the singer and former model is not discouraged. She has found a way to make extra money, and that way is OnlyFans. She has registered on a website that sells candid photos and has already published several paid photos.

Subscriptions to her content start at £11 a month, and two separate shots of her butt can be bought for £6. For the next series, she has promised a half-price discount.

"For peach lovers, full view of the peach," Katie wrote under the photos.

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