Kelly Rizzo can't come to terms with her husband's death and says she's still married to Bob Saget

Kelly Rizzo says she's still married to dead Bob Saget
Even to her children, she said, their home is "their father's museum."

Kelly Rizzo said she can't get used to or come to terms with her husband Bob Saget's death. Even to her three grown daughters, she told her that their new home is "their father's museum."

Rizzo continues to mourn her husband Bob Saget, she stated that she still feels married to the comedian. Even though he died, Bob still lives on in her heart.

"It's like, he's still my husband. It's not like, 'Oh, he's my former husband.' It's like... the relationship is different now. It's just - it is what it is," People quoted her as saying.

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