Kris Jenner invested in the restaurant where she and the Kardashian family often eat

Kris Jenner became a restaurant investor
She became the first investor in the Health Nut chain.

Kris Jenner has become an investor in the Health Nut restaurant chain, where the entire huge Jenner and Kardashian family loves to eat salads. Notably, the matriarch became the first investor in these restaurants.

The family loves the food from these restaurants, and they call the salads "iconic." They often ordered food from there and weren't shy about showing the restaurant's branding on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It's not known if it was direct advertising, but Health Nut became very popular because of the show.

"Through the years, Health Nut's iconic salads have become a fixture in my home as my family enjoyed countless meals from their Calabasas location. I've always appreciated how Health Nut has been able to deliver convenience without sacrificing high-quality ingredients and outstanding customer service," Jenner told People.

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