Kristen Stewart responds to backlash over her new film after people walked out of screenings

'We're pleasure sacks:' Kristen Stewart responds to backlash over her new film
Kristen Stewart responded to the backlash over her new movie Crimes of the Future.

During the screening of David Cronenberg's film at Cannes, the audience left the hall. According to Stewart, audience demarches in Cannes happen every year, and Cronenberg films can really be difficult to watch.

"Everyone loves to talk about how his movies are difficult to watch and it's fun to talk about people walking out of Cannes screenings," she explainedto Insider.

Kristen went on to reveal more about what motivated her to want to star in one of Cronenberg's, despite their graphic reputation.

She told the publication, "Every single gaping, weird bruise in his movies, it makes my mouth open. You wanna lean in toward it," she said. "And it never repulses me ever. The way I feel, it is through really visceral desire and that's the only reason we're alive. We're pleasure sacks."

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