Liam Gallagher decided to quit partying because a voice in his head told him to stop

Liam Gallagher decided to quit partying
The old rock 'n' rolla is experiencing health problems.

Former Oasis leader Liam Gallagher revealed in his latest interview that he is giving up his partying lifestyle. Apparently, this decision was not made by himself, but by his aging body, which can no longer tolerate the singer's alcoholism.

The rock'n'roll man is about to turn 50, but his health leaves a lot to be desired. He now needs a double hip replacement, The Sun writes.

"That voice, which used to be very distant, saying, 'Go to bed. You're not going out tonight,' is now very loud. Years ago it would have been like, 'You what? I beg your f***ing pardon?" said Liam.

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