Liam Gallagher protests celebrity cancellation culture

Liam Gallagher protests cancellation culture
The Oasis star believes it has caused musicians to stop being "rebels."

Liam Gallagher has spoken out very harshly about the celebrity cancellation culture. He protested against it, because, in his opinion, it made many young musicians stop being "rebels" and become "snowflakes".

By the way, the 49-year-old Liam himself was considered an outrageous celebrity for many years, who was constantly in the headlines with scandals. By some miracle, though, he managed to avoid cancellation.

"The cancelling people just speak for the cancelled world, they don't f***ing speak for everyone. You can still go and do your gig, there are people out there who are going to like what you've got to say," The Sun quoted him as saying.

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