Michael Bublé announced that the 4th baby with his wife Luisana will be last

Michael Bublé tells how much children he and his wife want
The singer tells that he and his wife are "enjoying every second" of pregnancy.

Michael Bublé and his wife enjoying every moment of this pregnancy. It will be the 4th child and couple starts to choose a name for the baby.

"We're really trying to be present with the pregnancy because, most likely, it's the last time," the singer tells PEOPLE. "I want it to be really special for [Luisana], and I know it goes really fast. Since it's probably the last one, I just want to make sure that we're really enjoying every second of it."

Bublé, 46, first revealed that he and his wife are expecting another baby in his music video for "I'll Never Not Love You," which premiered in February.

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