'My anxiety has been on 100 lately': Kendall Jenner shared how she copes with anxiety

Kendall Jenner admitted that loneliness helps her to cope with anxiety
The star showed the backyard of the house where she prefers to be alone.

Kendall Jennershowed fans on her social network a soothing video of the backyard of her house, where she likes to be alone. The star admitted that she had anxiety, but Kendall found a way to deal with it.

''My anxiety (especially social anxiety) has been on 100 lately. I have come to a place where i don’t feel bad about it. I love my space and my alone time. I am finding ways to help me start my day off with a calmer, more positive mindset,'' she said.

In the comments to this video, Khloe Kardashian supported Kendall. She wrote, "I love you, Kenny! Im so proud of you."

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