A New Hampshire man gets life in prison, plus 45 years, in beheading case

'Demented creature:' a man gets life in prison for horrific murder and beheading
Barron was convicted of 1st-degree murder in beheading case.

The trial of Armando Barron, 32, for the horrific murder and beheading of a colleague of his wife has come to an end and has resulted in a life sentence plus 45 years for the killer.

“Your actions were brutal. They were also horrific, they were selfish, and they were completely senseless,” Judge Elizabeth Leonard told Barron. “The abject cruelty, the pain and suffering and all that you inflicted on Jonathan that night is unfathomable.”

Barron became jealous of Jonathan Amero, 25, for his wife, lured him to the park and killed him after bullying. Then he forced his wife to drive a car with the body of a murdered colleague for 200 miles, and then forced her to beheaded, AP reports.

Amero's parents wished Barron to rot in prison, calling him an "ugly, hideous, demented creature.”

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