Prince William and Kate Middleton have given up servants in the new house and they will pay rent from a personal account

Prince William and Kate Middleton refused servants and they will have to pay rent
Their lives will become more like the lives of ordinary people.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are moving into a new home. Earlier it was reported that they would move to a "Big House" in the Windsor estate, but later it became known that they were actually moving to a cottage in Adelaide.

And their living conditions in the new housing will change a lot. Kate and William will not hire full-time employees (instead, assistants will come from nearby Windsor). They will also personally pay for the rent of this house, per Cosmo.

“Kate and William were very keen for a modest home to start their new lives in Windsor. Adelaide Cottage fits the bill because it is a four-bedroom home and they do not need any more as they have no live-in staff,"a source says.

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