Prince William visited Deborah James and personally presented her with the title of Dame

Prince William visited dying with cancer Deborah James
He and Kate made a major donation to her cancer research fund.

Dying of colon cancer, Deborah James was visited by Prince William and personally presented her with the title of Dame. They chatted sweetly and had champagne tea.

"It was a special day for my whole family," said an enthusiastic Deborah.

The title of Dame was bestowed on James after she raised £4 million for cancer research in a matter of days (by today, it's already £5 million). Deborah was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016, but over the years treatment hasn't worked, she was moved to a home hospice.

After the announcement, the 40-year-old TV host's foundation literally exploded with donations, and Prince William and his wife were among the celebrities who made a major donation, Metro writes.

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