Robert De Niro jokes he is not a fan of Taylor Swift but has all her albums

‘I’m not not a fan:’ Robert De Niro jokes about owning ‘all’ of Taylor Swift’s albums
Swift screening her short film “All Too Well” at the Tribeca festival.

Turns out Robert De Niro knows Taylor Swift’s music all too well.

He opened up about his unlikely taking to Swift’s music, joking he owns all of the Grammy award-winning singer’s albums.

The 78-years-old Hollywood star noted he was “probably” familiar with her music. Asked if he’s a Swiftie, De Niro laughed, “I have all of her albums.”

“I’m not not a fan. I probably hear her music and like it on the radio.“

He also added that his younger daughter listen to the music on the radio when he drives, Variety reports.

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