Royals against loneliness: Prince William and Kate took part in an important event

Prince William and Kate interrupt radio stations to make serious announcement
The theme of this year's Mental Health Awareness Week is loneliness.

All of the UK’s radio stations air was interrupted on Friday by message from Prince William and Kate. The royals took part in and important event and made a message in honour of Mental Health Awareness Week.

William and Kate apologised for the interruption as they took to the airwaves of more than 500 stations and called on the nation to "lift someone out of loneliness".

"We can all feel lonely sometimes… we can feel it for many different reasons."

"But we can all help each other feel less isolated and more connected," Kate continued.

"If you think someone you know might be feeling lonely, just give them a ring, send them a text or knock on the door," the Duchess suggested. "Maybe suggest meeting for a coffee or a walk," William added, according to Hello!

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