Sandra Bullock admits "Miss Congeniality 2" was a mistake movie

Sandra Bullock thinks Miss Congeniality 2 was a mistake
The actress protests if someone wants to shoot the third part.

Sandra Bullock spoke about the movie MissCongeniality2: Armed&Fabulous, in which she starred back in 2005. The actress believes that the film was unsuccessful, and the idea of making a sequel to MissCongeniality was a mistake.

She thinks the same about the third film. So far, no one has planned to shoot it, but Bullock hopes that no one wants to do it. Sandra added that she loved working with Regina King and that's why she agreed to the sequel.

But the actress does not mind if someone comes up with the idea to make a prequel, writes Metro. In her opinion, the story of young Gracie Hart at the age of 11-12 would be a hit.

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