Scientists found out, why aliens haven't visited Earth yet

Burn out or stopped in growth: why we'll never meet aliens
The two scientists believe they may have the answer.

Well-known Fermi paradox questions why aliens have never visited Earth despite the Universe being so old and so vast that races probably should have evolved interstellar travel and come calling by now.

Astrobiologists Dr Michael Wong, of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, and Dr Stuart Bartlett, of California Institute of Technology, Writing in the Royal Society Open Science, say that civilisations burn out when they grow too large and technical.

Growing population and eye-watering energy consumption leads to the moment when worlds hit a crisis point known as a "singularity" where innovation can no longer keep up with demand, The Telegraph reports.

The other way to solve the crisis – to abandon "unyielding growth" and adopt a balance that allows survival but prevents the society moving any further forward. And that’s why we possibly don't see any aliens too.

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