'She a ghetto b***h like me': Lizzo told about her friendship with singer Adele

'She a ghetto b***h like me': Lizzo revealed details of close friendship with Adele
Lizzo said that the singer supports her in difficult situations.

Lizzo openly talked about her relationship with singer Adele. She admitted that their close friendship supports her, per Daily Mail.

She clarified that they are of the same zodiac sign, which helps to understand each other well: ''We're both Tauruses, and when we're together, the decibels of how loud we get with our laughter is incredible.''

She also said: ''She's so supportive and she really believe in me. I met her at a Grammy party. I think it was Mark Ronson's Grammy party years ago and she was like, "Oh my God!" and I was like, 'This is f***ing Adele!' I like her. She a ghetto b***h like me.''

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