‘She's rarely on the phone:’ Miley Cyrus opens up about Dolly Parton’s preferred method of communication

 Miley Cyrus jokes on Dolly Parton because her love to fax machine

Miley Cyrus reveals some details about her beloved godmother Dolly Parton. As she said, legend of country music doesn’t like cell phones and prefers to use fax.

Miley opens up about their work together in T-Mobile commercial about 5G phones for Super Bowl LVI earlier this year.

In adv Parton warn Americans about their 5G phones running through "limited 5G networks" and urge them to switch to T-Mobile so their devices can "shine their brightest". The tagline said: "Do it for the phones."

"It was amazing because, you know, she was doing it for the phones, yet every time I coordinate and kind of communicate with Dolly, it's still through fax," she dished. "So I don't know what she's talking about. She's rarely on the phone. Next time we have to 'Do it for the fax machine'," joking Miley according to PEOPLE.

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