Tom Cruise made Mission: Impossible 7 insanely expensive, the eighth will be even more

Mission: Impossible 8 could be the most expensive film in the franchise
The actor and franchise producer has already stocked up on choppers and stunt biplanes.

The lead actor and one of the producers of Mission: Impossible 7 inflated the budget of the film to 290 million pounds - 50 million more than planned. Apparently, next year we will see not an action movie, but an amazing show.

However, with the eighth part of the film, everything seems to be even cooler. According to insiders, Tom Cruise is preparing to shoot the continuation of the Ethan Hunt saga on an incredible scale, informs The Sun.

He has already purchased several helicopters and rented biplanes for stunts, which, by the way, he likes to do himself. Sources believe that this will be the most expensive film in the entire Mission: Impossible franchise.

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