Tom Hanks walked away from a question about his peculiar accent in the movie 'Elvis' in Cannes

Tom Hanks ignores journalists' question about accent in 'Elvis' movie
Warner Bros. is opening “Elvis” in U.S. theaters on June 24.

Tom Hanks, who played Colonel Tom Parker, answered questions from journalists in Cannes after the premiere in the Elvis biopic.

Among other things, he was asked about the enigmatic European-American accent he used for his role.

At the press conference, he was asked how he prepared for his role as Parker and whether he explored his Dutch heritage and accent.

Hanks shied away from any discussion of his work with the accent, and instead went into detail about what Parker “was a delightful guy".

“Was he a cheap crook that played fast and loose? Yeah, when it comes down to that, but I worked that all out to everyone’s satisfaction,” said Hanks, “He was a man who brought joy to everything he did — along with a bit of larceny,” Variety reports.

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