Tom Hiddleston spoke out about Loki's bisexuality a year after the premiere

Tom Hiddleston spoke out about Loki's bisexuality
The actor believes that this was an important moment "to all of us."

The Loki series was released on Disney+ in the summer of 2021, but the controversy surrounding Loki's bisexuality is still going on. Tom Hiddleston, who has played the character throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, gave his thoughts on the matter in a recent interview.

In the first season, Loki and his friend Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) discussed their personal lives, and the character of Tom noted that he was interested in both princesses and princes.

"I hope Loki coming out as bisexual was meaningful to people who spotted it. It was a small step, and there's further to go. But it was definitely important to all of us," he told The Guardian.

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