Viva la Bam! Jackass star Margera comes back after rehab program for alcohol

Jackass star Bam Margera completed his one year in rehab and 'ready to rock'
Margera said he'll continue to take outpatient classes to enhance his sobriety.

The Jackass alum Bam Margera announced he is “ready to rock” again after one-year-treatment at a Florida rehabilitation center for alcohol.

"What's up, it's Bam Margera and I just got out of a year of treatment in Florida for alcohol, and now I'm back and ready to rock," he said in social media.

Margera, 42, will continue to attend outpatient treatment as he reassimilates to life outside the facility. His wife and son recently moved to an apartment complex near the treatment facility so Margera can continue his classes, TMZ reports. Bam's also working out again as part of his rehab.

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