'We had such a good time:' Sigourney Weaver remembers her late 'Heartbreakers' costar Ray Liotta

'A doll to work with:' Sigourney Weaver remembers Ray Liotta
Liotta died in his sleep in the Dominican Republic.

Sigourney Weaver is remembering her Heartbreakers costar Ray Liotta as "a true original" in the wake of his death.

"Ray's lovesick gangster, Dean, is the real heartbreaker in Heartbreakers," Weaver tells.

"Loaded with charm and physical ease, Ray was a natural in comedy and just a doll to work with. We had such a good time," the actress, 72, adds of their work in the 2001 crime rom-com, which also starred Jennifer Love Hewitt.

"A true original and a lovely guy, gone much too soon," she tells PEOPLE.

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