'Avatar 2' trailer revealed at Cinema Con: James Cameron's sequel gets official title

The Way of Water: The first 'Avatar 2' trailer has been screened
Producer Jon Landau took to the stage at Cinema Con to present the first 'Avatar 2' footage.

The original Avatar is being re-released in cinemas from September 23, and said that each of the four previously announced sequels will play out as "standalone" movies.

Director James Cameron, who was unable to make the event, sent in a video message. The filmmaker said that the movie was made for the big screen. "We wanted to push the limits of what theaters can do," he said.

Discussing Avatar 2 specifically, the producer remarked that the strength of the movie comes from Cameron's ability to write "universal themes that are bigger than any one genre".

Avatar 2 reaches cinemas on December 16. Trailer footage was shown to a select audience, the trailer will screen in front of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in cinemas, and will only be made available online a week later, GamesRadar+ says.

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