Idris Elba could play the new James Bond or his antagonist

Idris Elba could play the new James Bond
As the sources say, the actor intends to appear in a new movie about 007.

Idris Elba has decided by all means to appear in the new 007 special agent movie. Sources say that he is applying for the leading role. Other insiders believe that Idris may not play James Bond, but his main adversary.

Either way, Elba is now considered the next 007. He's ranked pretty high in the pre-casting for the new Bond film.

"Idris has long been in talks to play a role in the next era of James Bond's story and last year was being considered for a role as an antagonist. However, talks surrounding him playing the lead have started again as producers realised how popular he would be after carrying out secret market research," sources told The Sun.

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