Mike Tyson explaines why he beated the fan on the plane: ‘I was high!’

Mike Tyson was 'irritated, tired, high, and pissed off' when beated the fan
Wrong time, wrong place to be friends with Mike.

Mike Tyson is finally opens up why he beat the hell out of an overbearing fan on a recent flight. He explains he was just high and irritable at the time.

"Hey listen, I'm usually good at these things," Tyson told Jimmy Kimmel on his show.

"I was wrong, that should've never happened. That's me back in my primitive child stages, I shouldn't of done that, but I was just irritated, tired, high, and pissed off. S--t happens!"

Then Tyson sang he “doesn't wanna hurt nobody!“ It was just a wrong time for that dude to make friends with Mike. Easy.

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