Snoop Dogg says he fainted when he visited Tupac Shakur in the hospital

Snoop Dogg says he fainted when he visited dying Tupac Shakur
He couldn't bear the sight of an injured friend.

Snoop Dogg revealed that he fainted when he went to visit an injured Tupac Shakur in the hospital. This happened just hours after Tupac was shot four times at a traffic light in 1996.

The rapper was sitting in the passenger seat, shot several times. When Snoop Dogg saw the condition his mortally wounded friend was in, he fainted, Page Six writes.

"We feeling like it's gonna be alright until we go to the hospital and see that it ain't alright. He got tubes in him. When I walked in, I could just feel like he wasn't even there and I fainted," Snoop admitted.

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